Welcome to the CenturyLink Central Office Equipment Engineering & Installation / Technical Standards Policy Review Certification Tool.

Central Office External Subcontractor Policy Review and Disclosure

CenturyLink is committed to ensuring the integrity and viability of its Local Network. The CenturyLink Central Office External Subcontractor Policy Review and Disclosure contains the identified operational competencies that anyone working for CenturyLink in the capacity of a subcontracted entity must adhere to in order to be granted access/badge privileges. This Policy Review is designed to reinforce to both CenturyLink employees and subcontracted Service Suppliers, the correct and proper application of these concepts.

Periodically, CenturyLink requires both employees and contracted Outside Plant (OSP) Service Suppliers to acknowledge that these concepts are received, reviewed, understood and properly applied in accordance with CenturyLink Technical Publications and the Planning & Engineering Group (PEG) Local Network guidelines and business needs.

By permitting and granting access into a CenturyLink central office facility, I hereby attest to and abide by the following Local Network operational expectations with respect to the duties and functions that has been subcontracted to perform.

  • Upon entry into a "staffed" office, I will seek out a CenturyLink employee (or representative) and identify my on-site presence, purpose and intended duration.
  • Upon entry into an "unstaffed" office, I will post, in a conspicuous space, a Scope of Work (SOW) OR some form General Method of Procedure (GMOP) which explains to a CenturyLink employee (or representative) the reasons for my on-site presence, purpose and intended duration.
  • While performing the subcontracted work/operation(s), my SOW will not include a presence within the CenturyLink Local Network Switch footprint and/or the CenturyLink Toll/IOF space within that central office location (unless formally and duly authorized).*
  • Upon completion of the subcontracted work/operation(s), the CenturyLink facility will be effectively vacated in the same manner upon which it was initially accessed, e.g., ensuring that all doors, openings, cable penetrations, partitions, etc. will be locked and secured as expected and the expected removal and disposal of all job-related trash, debris and refuse.

*For OSP Local Network Splicer Technicians (or equivalent), presence is authorized for those work operations requiring Cable Vault access for purposes of running/routing, splicing and terminating OSP copper/fiber optic cables (or equivalent) from the Cable Vault area through the prescribed and designated copper/fiber optic cableways/penetrations into the Local Network central office space and concluding at a logical point of termination (e.g., fiber optic cable distribution shelf/panel/bay/cabinet/relay rack location).

I hereby validate and verify that I am the subcontractor specified and approved to gain access and perform work authorized by the CenturyLink Supplier/Vendor Line Extension Contracting process. I also understand that if I forward my authentication credentials to another individual or act in any manner contrary to this Disclosure, I have then deliberately committed fraud and that my CenturyLink Access & Badging privileges will be revoked upon demand and will be subjected to any fines, legal proceedings AND penalties arising from these inappropriate actions.

Inside Plant (ISP)

National Network Services (ISP)

Outside Plant (OSP) / Other*

NOTE: When selecting this "ISP" option, the ISP Supplier MUST identify their registration with the NAME of their current legal ISP company and NOT the name of the company they are sub-contracting for.